Tuesday, May 5, 2009


NOW THE SIX SEALED SCROLL WILL BE BEGIN TO BE UNSEALED ONE AT A TIME BY CHRIST...the only one worthy to open it (Rev 5). As always for the sake of me not having time to type out all the verses, please have your King James open as you study :)

  • The first seal is loosed by the Lamb (Christ) and with that we see the first of four horsement sent into the world. This horseman on a white horse with bow but no arrow pictures the antichrist coming to take power in the world. Notice that he has a weapon, but does not have an arrow nocked to the bow ready to fight. In Daniel 9:27, we see that when this ruler shall come he comes to make a peace treaty with Israel...one that will be for "one week" or (period of seven years). In the midst of that seven years, the antichrist will break his peace accord and invade. Notice that a crown is given unto him to rule and he does conquer despite an appearance of peace. Rev 13 will shed more light on how he assumes power and authority over the world.

  • The next rider comes on a red horse symbolizing war...the description given even tells us that when he comes, peace is taken from the earth. This is not hard to understand given the times in which we live. People long for world peace now, but cannot find how to have it. It will get worse, much worse, during the Tribulation period.

  • The next rider appearing on a black horse carries a pair of balances in his hand signifying economic trouble...as bad as we might think it is today, in that time, a days wage will feed one person and we'll find that to even enjoy that much, one will have to be allied to the antichrist, beast of the sea by receiving his mark.

  • The last of the horsemen comes on a grisled pale horse. Death and Hell follow him. Notice the progression here: Antichrist comes, war breaks out worldwide, starvation and economic collapse ensue and then pestilence and death follow. Hell receives all of those dying in unbelief as always.

  • When the fifth seal is loosed, we see martyrs who've been slain for their testimony of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Right now it is not too difficult in most places to be a believer, but those saved during this seventieth week (Tribulation) will find their lives taken for that faith in Christ. They cry out for justice against those left on the Earth. The Lord assures them that justice is coming and to be patient for it. Those in Heaven long for the Lord to conclude his plan and establish everlasting righteousness. White robes are given unto them all...even in death they have the victory as every believer does.

  • When the sixth seal is loosed we see a mighty earthquake and signs in the heavens. Mankind upon the earth begin to realize that God is coming in judgment, that his longsuffering is over and now comes the reckoning day. Do they stand? NO...they cower before the coming judgment of the Lord. No one can stand against God.

Stay tuned as we go on into Chapter 7 and the Seventh Seal yet to be loosed...everything gets much worse for those upon the Earth from here on!

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