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  1. Several things happen here: First John has an experience which very closely matches the events foretold in the Rapture of the Church (1 Thess 4:16). He hears a voice like a trumpet telling him to come up - into heaven. Since this also follows the seven letters to the churches and begins those things which are still future, we may hazard an educated guess that this is a reference to the Rapture within the order of Revelation. Also, John is told that these following events are taking place "hereafter," or future. Future to what? Future to the organized congregations we find in Revelation 2 & 3.

  2. John is immediately taken into the spiritual realm into the Third Heaven. There he finds a magnificent throne established.

  3. We find various colors in play in the appearance of God upon His throne.

  4. The elders mentioned here, appear to represent the church in heaven - Why? First of all, they sit upon minor thrones with authority under God as the church is promised to be kings and priests of God and co-govern in the millenial kingdom. Secondly, they cast crowns, (stephanos) like those given in competition during ancient olympian games. The church is said to recieve such for our faithfulness and service. Thirdly and most important is a Rev 5:9 where these elders identify themselves as the REDEEMED.

  5. We find displays of power and a symbolic manifestation of the complete Spirit of God - seven lamps of fire.

  6. The sea of glass is unclear though there are thoughts on its meaning.

  7. The living creatures or "beasts" have appearance which may represent Christ in his ministry: The Lion of the tribe of Judah, the son of man as a servant, the sacrifice as the calf, and as a Heavenly King in the Eagle. This of course is speculative.

  8. Notice their role and of those in Heaven, is to praise the Lord...these in fact appear to have that sole purpose...Holy, holy, holy, perhaps representative of the Father, Son (Word), and HOly Spirit.

  9. These beasts appear to lead the worship...

  10. The elders, representing the redeemed, follow in their adoration and cast their reward crowns at the feet of the Lord. We would have earned nothing in service to God had he not had mercy on sinners in the first place and then motivated us to action in His service.

  11. Notice the entire creation has a purpose...the please the Lord who created it!

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